Monday, March 9, 2009

A Couple Lost Days

I've been in New Mexico for a couple days for John's father's funeral. A sad event, as to be expected; he was a well-loved man. The service was amazing; I was deeply touched.

Ran about 6 miles on Sunday morning. It was a breathtakingly gorgeous morning and I hit the trail that I used to run which has the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east and the series of volcanoes to the west. It is amazing country; I always feel different when I run down here, like the ancient Spirits of the Southwest are giving me a little extra lift, a little extra zest. I feel their presence and can understand the power of their magic. I had a miserable marathon here many eons ago but that had nothing to do with my spirit; it had everything to do with my sprained ankle! Sunday's run was filled with fresh air, blue skies, flowering trees (my allergies were severely stuffing me up) singing birds, and balloons were in the horizon. The day befit the occasion for Al's funeral.

I consumed about a million too many calories; I know it's customary to bring food to the family of a lost love one but I have learned over the course of 2 days eating about every sugar-related consumable out there, that I will never bring any edible item with sugar in it when a friend is in need. I not only gained weight in 2 days, I also feel like crap! Back to plan tomorrow; I can't wait!!!

I am super tired. I-25 hangover is consuming me!!

6 Mile run on Sunday
4 Mile run on Monday

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