Friday, March 13, 2009

The Lake Was Like Glass

It's pretty rare that you see Cherry Creek Lake looking like a piece of glass, especially in March when the winds cause major white-caps on this little body of water; what a treat today when there was not even a ripple in sight while on my run. Funny, because I felt the wind when running North but it certainly wasn't unmanageable and certainly nothing like I've endured since Dallas (which was the starting point of relentless wind-induced runs since).
I got a later start than I had hoped but I never-the-less ended before sunset; though at end-point and a few miles before, I was freezing (man, when that sun begins to go down in Denver, it gets cold FAST - no matter what time of the year it is!). I had a great run; my legs felt fresh (despite Rob thinking I had trashed them by going a mere 3.5 mph over what he wanted me to on my bike Wednesday. Hum)!!! There is nothing like the feeling of fresh legs; I have not been in this place for some time and what a glorious place to be. I don't know what my overall pace was but I started at about an 8:30 based on knowing the first mile marker, certainly slowed considerbly somewhere after 5, yet I finished the last mile of my 18ish mile run at about an 8:10 ... that is one of those things that marks my run "successful" - one that I finish strong!
It was one of those beautiful afternoons, sunny outside and sunny on the inside, that feels so good that it sticks in the laminated pages of your memory album and doesn't even need a caption.
The boys are skiing tomorrow for probably the last day of the season; and I had no lunch food for them to take. So I ventured off to the grocery store and what a sight to be seen I was!! I had taken a very long bath upon return from my run and put on my pajamas - at like 8:00 and when I went to the store 2 1/2 hours later, in the same pajamas, my hair totally mangled from getting it wet though not washing it or drying it, my socks and crocs on feet (please!!! I hate crocs, too, but I only own them for nice is it to just slap 'em on and out you go for a quick errand!!). I did manage to throw on my winter coat to hide at least the holes in my t-shirt. I apologized to the check out lady who looked perplexed as if I recently wandered off from a mental institution. My daughter would have been appalled (she's up in Boulder right now at the Regis girls' state basketball tournament - GO RAIDERS!! The boys play tomorrow. Yeah, Regis rocks in basketball) !!!!!
18 miles run


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