Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Wee Bit of Panic...

Yesterday's legs-on-fire have become today's legs-o-marshmallows. And worse, as I tried to treadmill run today at a measly 8:00 pace fore a mere 4 1/2 minutes, I was gaging. Severely. Hum...what's going on???? Oh, just a minor BLIZZARD that's suppose to hit Denver tomorrow - the same day I need to fly to Atlanta. I have one word for you: Anxiety! Anxiety translates as stress to our mind and body, and stress is not unlike taking a regular dose of poison due to an excessive production of adrenaline-like hormones. Oh yeah, I have anxiety. I have stress. Let's see what I found on some website definition of the symptoms -

Physiological reactions to fear and stress include:
-Muscle tension; tremors (no tremors, but definitely muscle tension)
-Heavy, labored breathing (oh yeah, I almost died on the treadmill)
-Heart palpitations; chest pain (not currently, but most definitely have in the past)
-Abdominal and intestinal discomfort (started about a week ago and progressively getting worse with each day)
-Sweating, weakness, dizziness, prickly sensations, dry mouth, flushed or pale face (no sweat but most everything everything else. Was very dizzy today getting off the floor doing whatever weights I was doing and commented to Rob that I thought my heart rate was low. Prickly sensation? My numb feet, duh! Dry mouth? I've drank about 3 gallons of water today...but that could also be, in part, to my decongestant. Pale face? I always look pale...especially in winter).

I have called Delta twice today trying to convince them that my anxiety over this weather was going to pull the rug right under me; I needed to get on an earlier flight before the heart of the storm came and buried me inside DIA for the night and missing my class on Friday morning. I tried to explain that I really shouldn't be drinking before my big race on Sunday but their unwilling to move me to an earlier flight was going to cause me to be a life member of AA. Oh, I can get on another flight...for $50 with-in changing my flight 3-hours before - and not until. Do they have no heart? No compassion? No empathy or sympathy? Okay, whatever....I'll pay what it takes but I WILL be on that 10:55a.m. flight instead of scheduled 3:41p.m. time. I don't care...I'll skimp in other ways. Who needs food anyway?

Okay, so I have barely packed...because, believe it or not, that's also causing me a little anxiety since the predicted weather while I am there is crap! I can't fit everything for 5 days in a carry-on with weather conditions calling for rain and sun, 40 degrees to 70 degrees;trying to figure out what to wear is causing me to empty my entire closet trying to find something that is appropriate. errrrrrrr....I do not want to check in my bags; what a major pain!!!! So I need to go and at least organize the 10 piles of clothes I have and weed out at least half. I may be MIA for a few days...or longer, depending on the status of Atlanta bound plane touch-down.....or not!

I need a drink.........

A great picture of the freak 2006 snowstorm at DIA. can you see my anxiety?

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