Monday, March 23, 2009

This is How it's Got to Be!

I'm running so well right not that I'm actually a little scared. Like something is amiss because this just isn't typical. Aside from my feet going numb on about every run, even the 3 I did tonight, all is in place; but most important, my legs are feeling really good. REALLY GOOD. I don't think they've felt this good since I finished running St. George last October! And I'm not kidding about that. Balance in my running is a slippery, elusive thing. When you have a patch of well-aligned existence with everything humming along nicely, it's smart to stop and notice how you got here, with the hopes that maybe you can stay longer. So I find it's wise to notice the components of your good fortune. What did I eat (pretty dang well...though I notice that last week I could not each as much due to pre-Atlanta jitters....evident by my lower weight today!)? How long did I sleep (I shouldn't answer that...I don't want to hear the answer)? How did I hydrate (better than average, thank you)? What has my week been like (pretty good...not getting as much done as I wish but I'm making small steps forward)? What's my state of mind (always questionable - ha!)? Am I ice-bathing regularly (not as much as I wish but not bad)? Am I stretching before each run (pretty much, yes!)? I wonder if perhaps the key to my balance right now is that I am okay with who and where I am for the moment - the striving, apologetic part of me has gone on vacation and I hope she settles there awhile (forever?). I find myself a much happier person. I need to take a close look at what I am doing right and keep doing them so that I can continue to run well and be happy.
I don't quote scripture often but it reminds me of Philippians 4:9; "Continue to do those things which you have learned; and the God of peace shall be with you".
In one of my previous blogs, maybe even the last one...I'm not certain, I mentioned getting a much-needed nap now and then. Today was one and I slept hard! I went and worked with Marie after school today at the rec center and I half contemplated doing some cycling after she left but I knew this week was for tapering (and eating more salt and drinking more water!!!) so instead came home and got some thinking and writing done! Sometimes, I will admit, I write while lying in my bed and that can be dangerous. If I am tired. And I was. So guess what? I fell asleep at like 5:30ish. Woke up at 6:00 and I was so groggy and I couldn't even focus on getting up and apparently, I dozed off again and next thing I knew, it was 6:23. I was to meet Rob at 6:30. I wasn't dressed to work out. I jumped out of my bed, changed, and somehow managed to lift some weights in the nap-induced-fog I was in. I felt good and glad I got up and did it and afterwards, Rob and I talked about Atlanta. Goals, expectations, course, etc. etc. Made me nervous. I can't even believe how little I have engulfed my mind in this race....though I can certainly feel it with my ever so sensitive stomach. I want to do well, of course I do, but the half marathon is a difficult race for me; it must be run fast but not too fast...and that's a trick I always seem to never master. Rob asked me what I wanted to get out of the race and I said, "the same thing I want to get out of every race; to run hard yet feel great." That's what it's all about! So I'll be doing a little thinking over the next couple days over whether or not to have a goal time in mind but one thing is certain, I am looking forward to it - whatever it brings!

After weight training, I came home and got the boys some dinner then hit the treadmill for 3 miles at a 7:41 pace. Felt great. Though my stupid feet just seem to tingle .... this is really driving me nuts trying to figure out!!

My weight is down some and my body fat, too. Yes...

weight training: 1
3 miles run

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