Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Heck-a-va Workout

So it's not news that my legs weren't functioning very well last week; I'll chalk it up to stress, over-training (me?), and whatever else I can come up with at the time. I apologize to the those that I apparently freaked out when they thought I did some serious leg damage ... weeks before Boston. My legs do this from time to time. I think that this blog can help me go back and look at the components to see if it can help reveal why and how I got there so try not to land there so much. So it's with great pleasure to say that my legs DO want to work this week and are feeling really good (aside from some knee fear, I'm currently filling my bath with ICE water to go soak it. Will this ice-soaking process never get any easier??? I shiver just thinking about it).

My plan called for 5 miles tempo at 7:45 and 15 miles on the bike at 15 mph. Yes, that's right...the bike! After much whining, I finally got my way and got some cycling on le plan - I have a great fear that if I end up doing a couple days of the 'The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa' (aka: RABGRAI) this summer, I'm going to die. And I'm not kidding about that! I haven't rode my bike in I can't tell you how long. I have been to cycling class (and what a workout THAT is) from time to time and regularly go in the summer when I am off work but the couple days that fit into my schedule to ride in Iowa this summer are about 75 miles .... each... day. So it's time to get a little training in.

So my run first. It went well, but there is no 7:45 on the treadmill; you either get a 7:41 or a 7:47. I opted for 7:41. Maybe not the wisest choice; I really didn't enjoy it that much and was tiring fast but I hung in there (with a couple stops to stretch. And one bathroom break. Perfectly legitimate reasons to for a short break). I also wore new shoes. Day one of new shoes; that always messes my run up - my feet go numb. But since my feet seem to be experiencing some illogical, mysterious numbness anyway, I figured let's just try out some new shoes and hope something works to make my feet alive before Atlanta. The last mile, I picked up the pace. I ran the first 800 of that mile in 7:13 and the final 800 in 7:00. I was sweat-n big time which ironically always makes me feel refreshed; like I just conquered something major.

A quick refill of the water bottle and I headed over to the bike. I have no earthly idea if I can ride 15 miles in an hour; I've never planted my bottom on those exercise bikes at the gym before. 5 minutes on the seat and I'm experiencing biker's-butt - ouch. I should have worn my bike shorts. But it got better, after it went numb a half hour later. I was stoked to see that I was averaging about 18.5 mph and low and behold, I finished a bit before my hour scheduled ride. But what a workout and I was drenched! A few chinups and dips and 2 hours after I walked into the gym, I finally left....feeling great! Sweat-soaked attire and all, after my workout I popped into Tokyo Joe's and got some teriyaki sauce and then to Sunflower Market for some produce.

Opening day for the Pikes Peak registration was today. I internally fought about registering for the full or the ascent but came to terms with the fact that I'm safer, in many aspects, to just do Ascent. 8000' up in 13 miles - that'll work for me. For this year. And I'm in!

Off work today at 1:30, got my kitchen cleaned, some laundry done, landed an awesome deal on some of my fancy-smancy expensive shampoo, a good run, a nice bike ride, got in the Pikes Peak Ascent, used my $25 gift certificate from winning that 5K a couple weeks ago, the boys had a great CSAP day (so they say), Abbey's spirit slightly lifted...... I'll call the day a good one!

5 miles run
15 miles bike