Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Need Some New Songs...

I listened to my iPod for way too long on my NM roadtrip and I'm really sick of some of the songs. After I removed the ones that I no longer wanted, I'm down to basically a handful. My daughter would absolutely call me every dorky name in the planet if she knew; she's constantly telling me that on one ever puts one song they like on their iPod and repeatedly play it until you can't stand it anymore. But I'm a little challenged in this area .... but more than that, I need upbeat, FUN songs that will get me moving for Boston. Anyone have any thoughts?? I'm desperate!

My body surprisingly isn't too terribly sore after my 15 mile bike ride yesterday....though I did get a lashing for the 18.5 mph average vs. the 15 I was suppose to do. I'm having a little back pain and my inner-thighs tight but overall, I feel good. And my legs are ready to run 18 after work tomorrow. Did some weights with Rob and felt pretty good. I'm going to try harder not to protest all my weight training. :)

Weights: 1

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