Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost in the DTC

Tonight, the girls and I went out to the Comedy Works over in the DTC; we got severely turned around while navigating our way out and laughed as much at that as we did the show. Great show; just want I needed. It was also a night for visiting the Irish establishments as I met a friend downtown today at Kate Mullens - a very cool new place that is actually four bars in one and then later tonight we had dinner at Slattery's (which also hosts a Saturday running club). Oh, and I managed to also visit the Mexican culture, too, when I had lunch with my aunt at Senor Del Sol.

Prior to restaurant and bar hoping, I did squeak in a 12-miler over at the state park. Before I begin to whine about my never-ceasing stiffness in my legs, let me just say that this is the first time that I can remember in ages that the lake was sooth as glass. No white-caps like last time there, not even the slightest ripple. Its calmness was so peaceful and relaxing. Now, if my legs just would function like they're suppose to; they're as tight as cello strings....and have been for a few days. Err. I found this picture online of the reservoir; the view is practically identical. I'm very blessed to look at this view everyday!

Heading to New Mexico in the morning so may not blog for a couple days; will see if I can somehow get Internet access.

Happy weekend!

12 miles run


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