Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Monday and then Monday

I might as well start out the blog with my ADD moment of the day:

Twin 1 and twin 2 have orthodontist appointments today. I have to leave work early ... the boys HATE getting out of school for this; they don't like making up the missed work. I'm so sick of these braces and want them off; the commute every 6-8 weeks is growing old (I just got child #1 out of them when these two got in them. I've made this journey sooo oo ooo oooo often) so I take the first available appointment so that we can just speed up this process and! Of course twin 2 doesn't seem to want to do was he's told (aka: wear the dang rubber bands) so I've told him he has to pay for gas to appts from now on. Ok, I won't really make him...but I'm tempted, if you know what I'm saying. But back to the story. Upon return from the ortho, twin 2 tells me he has to stop by the house to get pencil lead, he has nothing to write with at school. My question to him: if I hadn't plucked you out of school today, please tell me you wouldn't be calling me at work to bring you pencil lead!!??!! Oh no, mom, I'd just borrow a pencil. Ok, he missed the point - but nevertheless, I stop by home to get pencil lead because it's right by our house. Pull in garage, leave car running since it will be brief, forget to put the car in "P", car lunges forward, and wham!!! it hits the cabinets directly in front, knocking a door off one of them and said door lands smack on the hood of my car - leaving a pretty swell dent.

It's obviously gonna be a week pretty much matched to last week in ADD moments.

Running. Well, let's hope that's improving. I dunno, it's only Monday. After Saturday's run practically landed me in a mental institution, Sunday's 6 was better. Back at the gym due to 10" of snow outside but this time I opted for Jim's run around the indoor track vs the treadmill. I had no plan other than to run. No time. No idea of mileage. Just run. The type of runs I miss sometimes. Maybe that's my ticket because the ole legs were feeling fine. 6 laps = 1 mile so the curves are tight and frequent, which slows the pace some, but I was cranking out 8:15's pretty much for 5 straight miles. And I didn't stop! I didn't...except to get a very quick drink twice, directly off the track! I cranked out the last mile at 7:25 and didn't even feel like I was pushing it at all! Woot! I think I prefer the round and round ...and round..and round....and roundround round option over the treadmill - at least on this day. If I had to pop my bod on that treadmill again, I'd probably have a meltdown.

After today's ADD incident, I ventured down to DU where child #1 attends college to bring her yet another cake (devoured 1st over the weekend. Indicative by my increased body fat taken tonight by t-man - ugh) and some flowers. Today she turns 19!! I initially thought I'd have them sent to her but the cost of delivery is ridiculous and well...I just wanted to see her :). She has Biology lab on Monday nights so couldn't take her to dinner but she still had $100 bucks on her DU dollars, which expire like on Friday (end of semester 1 - can't believe it), so we had a shopping fest of $52 in the convenient store in her dorm lobby (okay Meg M-T, did we ever have a convenient store located in the ground floor of either dorm we lived in??? I think not!!!!) and loaded up on all sorts of crap! I told her to make sure she used the last of her $48 - I mean, that's like free money, I don't care what kinda of garbage you can buy with it!!!! (actually, it's not all bad...they even have Muscle Milk - yum!). Upon return from this little adventure, I plopped on my treadmill (ugh) and cranked out 3 miles at 8:45 and then met Rob immediately after where I did another 1.3 miles at a 8:34 pace (followed by a lot of core stuff). Legs felt good...mind still is another story. But I'm working on it.

Rob and I had a little chat about where my head, heart, and legs are right now. It was good, nothing decisive and, as always, we ran out of time to get to the meat of the discussion. But it was good. I literally use the word "we" when I say that the whole lack of nutrition thing was something that "we" did not put into play in Portland and I think he feels like our ticket to get this whole thing worked out was Tucson - and I agreed. 5 weeks ago. But life gets in the way sometimes and well, I'm just not sure how the next 3 1/2 weeks are going to play out....

.... just one day at a time - and that's about all I can do right now! I have selfishly given my running so much of my time over the past couple years and well, maybe it's not marathon training's time right now. Other things need my attention and I'm not sure if I can land my head back into the place it needs to be to carry my body 26.2 miles in Tucson. We shall see

Ok, I gotta ask a groupie a question. How do you tell someone, someone who you twisted the arm of to run Tucson to BQ, that Boston is now full? I mean....I feel awful!!! Dennis, my sometimes running partner, said, "I'm not telling him." Thanks, Dennis! Matt's been a super friend to me (let's recall the long run from hell a week ago in the mts.) as far as running pals go and I feel I need to tell him...he even emailed me today just to say HI and mentioned what he's been running, etc. argh! I feel bad, as I do for everyone that planned to do one of these late fall fast marathons to BQ... "Um Matt, btw, you know that little marathon in April where you're gonna run your guts out in a mere few weeks to get to Boston? Well, um, about that....Boston is so way over-rated - you don't need to run Boston, it's really hard and um, well, let's just skip trying to get there...." Really, he wasn't even sure if he'd go in 2010 if he made it and said he'd probably opt to run it in 2011 (I still don't like that 18-month window they give you...but I don't write the rules - I'm just grateful I finally got my sorry butt registered in the nick of time!). One of my e-friends said to tell him that I thought he said "Austin" marathon, not Boston. Hahah. That made me laugh.

I love bananas!!


busyrunningmama said...

LMAO at the garage incident....soooo something I would have done!! Not funny BUT......
As far as the braces, I am with you - we just started the process and I am already over it!! Hopw your week gets better!!!

Tara said...

LOL. My daughter doesn't have braces, but she does have a retainer and we are constantly at the dentist. I can't wait til she gets rid of the dang thing. I'm also with ya on the pencil lead. What the hell is up with this? Seems like she is constantly out.
You have a 19 year old? Wow. You look too young for that!
Good luck telling your friend about Boston. Ugh. That's a tricky one!

Katie A. said...

Oh man! Sorry about the car!! I hope the rest of your week goes better!
And good luck with telling your friend about Boston, I don't envy you on that one.
Good job on the track....I think I would have chose the dredmill over that! :)

Anonymous said...

"Life gets in the way sometimes."

Well said.

Matt said...

I know how you tell him, post it on your blog. Little did you know, I actually read your blog on occasion (thanks for saying nice things about me). Just because registration for Boston for next spring is closed doesn't mean I can't still set a new PR and hit the qualifying standard at Tucson. I have always wanted to qualify, but I have never been sure I actually wanted to run it. There is always 2011 if I decide I really want to do it, but let's not get too far ahead here, I still have to run fast in a couple of weeks and hit the qualifying standard (minor detail, right?).

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Ouch! The car. Darn those ortho appointments!

I wouldn't want to break that Boston news! I didn't BQ this year but have lots in the past. I just don't have the drive to run such a big marathon. I'm the odd ball!

Goodluck on the track. Soon I'll live on the treadmill...yuck!

Marathon Maritza said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Oh man, that track sounds awesome but I don't know if I could do loops like that!!! How funny that I prefer the 'mill and you'd hate it! Keep up those speedy runs!

Unknown said...

Oh Jill...does it mean something if I just read your blog in 13 seconds, totally followed it AND related with you 100% Yes, I've hit a shelf in the garage too and 6 Christmas stockings rained down on the hood, softly of course. Thanks ADD Sistah, you're the funniest and the best!! We must meet in Boston!! We'll be the ones talking the whole way, waving, high-fiving AND trying to achieve our PR...which we can do because we have multi-tasking down to a fine art, right?!

Dennis said...

Great attitude Matt. You will PR and qualify for Boston, you are running strong now and in great shape.

On the bright side you don't have to make that decision about 2010 and can enjoy the winter with skiing on the weekends instead of long runs.

I was shocked it closed this early.

Jenn said...

I love bananas too! Sounds like me with my insurance flex money. 14 bottles of contact solution, advil, vitamins. I will pay $40 in gas just to get to Target so I can use up my last $40 in flex money! I really can't believe Boston filled up so fast. I'm glad I got on it right away.

Jen Feeny said...

Hey there! I was cracking up at all the A.D.D. :)

You have a crazy busy load, I can't imagine all that plus running! Kudos to you!!!!

Jess said...

Yeah it sucks that Boston sold out already!

Unknown said...

Jill - thanks for the kind words on my blog. Glad I found yours, it looks like fun to read.