Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 46 and Gratitude

Week 46: (really, it is really week 46 in the year aleady??? Sheesh..)
Week's running totals: 32.5
2009 running totals:1637.07
Weight/core training: 1 and some change (change: I did a few nights of core stuff at night before crawling into bed. Only 1 official day training in the gym. I gotta fix this!)

5 Grateful things in my life for this week:
1 - Dannon Lemon Light and Fit Yogurt. Yum!!! And beings I could barely stomach yogurt for the longest time, this is very exciting.
2 - My incredible e-friends who really have picked me up tremendously this week with their blog comments and advice.
3 - My Down comforter - which I think I'm going to be snuggled in a LOT this winter *sigh*.
4 - That I am lucky I get to run, no matter how difficult it sometimes is.
5 - I missed out on yet another weekend raking leaves due to snow on the ground. (I may regret this come spring, as I always do. But for!)


Jenn said...

Love #4. Gotta put things in perspective sometimes! I should have bought some stock in Dannon awhile back. Vanilla rocks!

Teamarcia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! EEK week 46 already? Time flies!

Katie A. said...

I like your gratitude post this week! My down comforter and I are BFF's right now! And yes, we are all lucky to be able to run, no matter how hard at times it may feel.
Hope the legs are feeling better! Have a great week! :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love the gratitude post! I am so far behind in posting my totals.

Today I am feeling #4. Seeing how I have missed 2 amazing weather days while suffering from the flu! I really don't like being sick!

Unknown said...

I'm grateful for lemon yogurt too! I'm also grateful for you too! Your blog always makes me smile...thank you!