Thursday, September 10, 2009

CO Outward Bound Relay, here I come....

I don't think I've never gone 4 days while not on vacation and limited access to the internet, that I have not blogged. I am majorly overwhelmed. Do you ever have those feeling where you have so much to do and so little time to do it that when crunch time rolls around, you can barely breathe? Yep, that's me. Right now.

I have a list of 64 items to remember to pack for tomorrow's 9:30 start time. Thankfully, all items are compiled on a list. I hope I remember to check them off. I am to meet 20 teammates (two teams of 10) at 7:00a.m. tomorrow morning at the park-n-ride in Morrison, about 40 minutes from my house. Therefore, I need to be on the road no later than 6:15a.m. Probably better be earlier. I still have letters to glue on my second pickle sign. I need to attach vehicle signs to my car. I need to put the rocketbox on top of my car. I need to find my cooler. And I have back to school night tonight - which I would totally skip if I didn't have to sell Entertainment Books. I could slap myself about now for being so involved in my kids' schools.

Abbey's departure to DU on Monday left me mentally immobilized for about two days. Not in the sense of not being able to move but because I couldn't think. I couldn't think about preparing for the relay and I left vital information about it go unattended to and so it's no wonder I am about as panicked as one can be trying to figure out the van assignments (two vans, 10 people, two condos...and where we (or more importantly, I) need to be at various times). It's enough to make my head spin. I fully plan to take my leg and van assignment sheets to to back-to-school night tonight and as I sit selling practically zero books (please! No one wants to spend money right now), I will look over all my assignments and hope to have a better understanding.

I am very excited about this race; I have longed to do it for a couple years now. I just had no idea all the logistical details involved. I truly wish someone on our team had done this before so could help us out...but thankfully Craig M. and Matt are pretty smart guys, know the other guys on team 1 very well, and have this little van issue figured out. I hope they just tell me when I'm to get in the thing and pick someone up :).

On a more positive note: My legs are FINALLY feeling good and not screaming at me to halt every time I go for a run. My weight is down a little along with my body fat so maybe that, as with some lower miles this week, is agreeing wtih my running. Maybe it was the stretching class I went to on Monday. My glute pain is not painful; noticeable but not painful. My knees are happy. My hamstrings are being stretched daily. My quads are not yelling at me with every step. All legs parts coming together quite nicely right now to make my running not so draining. I am, though, having some pretty icky back problems; starting in Park City and escalating to sheer agony with last weeks' long run. I had this weird metallic taste in my mouth too and I feared kidneys!!! But I think it's okay...I am thinking the back is just sore from being back at work and the metallic thing was the antibiotic I had finished a week before. That's what I'm hoping. That back thing can literally top one in their tracks and double over. That and the stomach issues I have. Oh, and the calf cramps I've had. I've been reading a book on and off for the past year about running through the pain and accepting it as part of the hard work you've done. Almost welcoming it. I really don't welcome it all that much. Speaking of running with pain, lots of controversy over the book 'Born to Run.' I may have to read that soon. In my spare time.

Okay, written well past my scheduled 4 minutes to write so signing off, heading to back-to-school-night, going to the bank, getting some food at the grocery store, getting rocket box on my car, finding my cooler, and packing my 64 items (now 61 as I have 3 things put off to the side). Hoping for an earlier than midnight pillow....

Go Pickles GO!
(oh, and if not stressed enough right now: Team 1 predicts that our team, Somewhat Pickled, can win the mixed co-ed team division, if we run according to plan. Hum....pressure)

Run since I last blogged: a lot; cannot remember number right now.
Weight trained since last blogged: 2 (that I DO remember).


Anonymous said...

well have fun on that relay. Somebody is going to have to run extra miles as you are 9 instead of 10 on your team. Look on the bright side - more room in that van for the other runners to stretch out. Hope you have your excel spreadsheet ready with all of the projected splits and start times for each leg. have a blast and give it your best. Emjoy meeting new teammates and other runners. See you, JC

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