Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Un-intellect Fuelbelt...

Is it un-PC to discriminate against someone because they lack intelligence?

I finally returned to the track last night; it's been awhile and one of those things that's been on my list of things to get back to. Not sure where the intervals have gone; I think somewhere lost in a barrage of failed tempo runs, perhaps.

I actually went to the track, not the treadmill, and ran 'em; I can't even recall the last track workout I had; well before the heat of summer kicked in. Harboring some frustrations by some unintelligent comments from people fueled my adrenaline and I knocked off 8x800's - and felt pretty darn good. Yea! Maybe I just need a few more comments like that to spark some energy in my legs! The legs seem to be feeling better, finally, from PC and my glute is somewhat happy. Not overly-so but moderately-so. I'll take it - as I continue to stretch it.

A crazy day at to the gym for weight training and some serious stretching....

8 miles run

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