Thursday, September 17, 2009

How about pink with flowers??

Okay, a HUGE thanks to Dave, male member of the Portland RW Loophead marathon team, who has spent a great deal of time on the graphics of these shirts that we are getting (hopefully). Yes, shirts bought...but design still not on them; I'm holding my breath until they are all ready and packed in my suitcase. Alright, maybe not holding the entire time but let's just say I'm getting a wee-bit nervous about this little task and it being completed on time. Dave's spent a great deal of time dealing with me the past few weeks, and the other team members, trying to appease us all. I think he hit the target with the below graphic:

I LOVE IT!!! Everyone and anyone that knows me would know I love anything girly and this ranks about as girly as one can get!! I'd kill to have this on my Portland RW shirt...but alas, there are others to consider and I think to keep in lines of the green theme, we're going to go with the below:

Whaddya think??? I love it. Thanks, Dave! Now, if I can get these shirts to Cara tomorrow somehow and get this ball rolling....

I'm running in the Liberty Bell CC meet tomorrow afternoon with one of the runner's who is autistic; I will be his guide. I'm a little nervous; his regular pacer (a fellow SHHS teacher) has to go out of town and asked if I could cover. Before even considering what Jack's pace was, I said yes...only to find out soon after, he runs about a 21:30 5K. Um, that's like my PR 5K since having had children....ugh. I hope I can keep up. In an attempt to see how difficult it would be, I hopped on my treadmill tonight and cranked out a few miles, one of them at 7-minutes since this is where I am gauging he'll run. The other two I slowed it down to hopeful race-pace of 8:30. Yeah, good thing today is not the marathon; I'd be landing myself a big ole F. Three miles at this pace was enough to kick my butt. I think I need a little more than luck tomorrow....who knows, maybe I'll land myself a fat PR at a local high school cross country meet. That just about makes me laugh.

B and R had track meet tonight. Ryan definitely needs a lot of form direction - he is all over the place with his arms and head flapping around. But he runs pretty fast and love the mile (after my own heart - my fav-y back in the day). Brendan is making progress with the 800 - yea. He's also doing the well in shot-put. A lousy picture but the boys on either side of the middle child in the pic.

3 miles run.

Did I stretch today? Um, no. But I will have tons of time when I get to the track meet to stretch (I think) before the race starts. That's the goal.


Unknown said...

Shirts look great!!!

big wave said...

I wanted the flowers really bad but I just didn't want to let down the other team mates :)