Thursday, September 3, 2009

iPod Blahs

Okay, I am officially sick of the Portland playlist I have on my iPod that I started generating about 2 months ago for a race that is now 4 weeks away. In fact, I'm sick of just about every song on my iPod; I have listened to it waaaaaaayyyyy too much. But I can't run without something to distract my mind telling me I'm tired and I need to quit so I keep listening to Lady GaGa's Poker Face over and over, just because it has a certain upbeat to keep my legs pumping and my heart racing. Today's tempo run on the treadmill (still doing treadmill tempos to make SURE I keep my pace on target) was the proverbial break of the camel's back and I resorted to watching a little HGTV at the gym (I have an awesome treadmill in my basement but I also have a membership to 24 hour fitness that sits unused whenever I'm in the prime of marathon training and not swimming laps frequently or weight training on my own vs. with trainer-man as I am now at his gym - btw, thanks *again* T-man for all your hard work. I mean that sincerely!). Figured I'd get a little use out of my monthly membership that I use ... well....about once a month lately. A 2007 rerun of House Hunters is not NOT exactly the motivation one needs but somehow I managed to kick out the 5 miles at tempo that I needed. But it wasn't easy.

Just to get an extra little usage of my membership fee, I looked at the pool in envy followed by a few bicep curls with the ole 20 lb weights....which about kicked my butt.

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Target with the spare gift card I absentmindedly bought two of for my neighbor's baby shower and I'm going to purchase a small FM radio so I can listen to something other than "I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas, please..." and maybe find some new songs on the radio I can add to my 'New Portland' playlist.

Any suggestions for this new list is greatly welcomed.
(to not single out any particular one person on yesterday's blog: it was many)
5 miles run
1 set of bad-ass bicep curls
(yesterday: weight training on my own and 3 mile run)

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Nelson from Garland, Texas said...

Hello, run with Jill. Greetings from Texas! FM players are hard to find at Target -- they're over with the workout stuff and not with the electronics. I bought one for my wife, but the reception is pretty awful unless you have a strong station. The ones they have are pretty cheesy.

I don't listen to headphones, but I bought a new CD (that I love) and I save it for the drive down to my group runs on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I only play it then. The CD is "Song Up in Her Head" by Sarah Jarosz -- Sarah's not even out high school, yet. You won't believe that's her singing -- it's an awesome CD, and she's going to be someone some day.

Our Team Sprinkles (runners who love cupcakes)wishes you a good run this weekend! We're headed towards the 2009 Dallas White Rock Marathon -- tomorrow is 11 miles. Our first 6 miles start at 6:15 a.m. and get us back to the starting point of the DRC 5-mile race in time to pick up our bibs and go. Should be a ball.