Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here's the Scoop:

It's no secret I don't feel that great - both with my running and with my health, as stated in last blog. Two days later, no change on those two.

But I think I'm getting a sightly better attitude!

Running: my calves hurt. And my right heel. And my quads. But mostly my calves. In particular, my right calf. And my lower back. My infrequently-used-regular massage therapist did something to his back and therefore is history until November which left me in a jam as I really needed someone to dig in them calves and get the guck out! Like NOW! And I'm kinda weird about who touches my legs (or me, really). So I got the name of a few reputable therapists from various athletic personnel I trusted (two cyclists, one pretty major; one mega wonder-woman; one running partner) and I called most and went to the one that called me back first: wonder-woman (aka: Kathryn). Here's the verdict: that ankle I twisted in the relay is the culprit!!!! I knew it! I knew that twist was going to come back to haunt me!!! Before she even looked at my "bad" calf (the one bothering me most, the right one), she started in on the left and within the first touch asked me, "Have you twisted your ankle lately?" Um, how'd she know? Something about how the gastrocnemius muscle (that large calf muscle that looks oh so sweet when I wear heels :) ) was skewed and the way it was now improperly positioned was due to twisting of ankle leg #2 of relay. The reason my right calf was screaming is because I've apparently been overcompensating the right leg when I twisted my left ankle and using that muscle more. As interesting as the cause was (love that stuff), the purpose was the solution (I hope) - she dug in there, ripping away at "3 golf-ball size knots" - omg, that huuuuuurrrrrrtttttt and wow, it's hard to walk right now. But in a good way! She worked so long on that left calf muscle that I had to make 3 more appointments so that I can get my back worked on :). I am very happy with her abilities and know she's doing my body good before Portland. Oh, and the heel issue is my Achilles and calf related. Go figure! I'm now convinced my calves are the cause of everything that ails me. Always! I woudn't even rule out my calves causing my sinus problems!!

Health: I know I'm harboring "something" but not exactly sure what. It's sinus related, that I know, but I'm not stuffy like I normally am - yet the pressure around my sinuses are just throbbing like crazy and my head is killing me. Those two symptoms are part of my regular bi-monthly sinus infection regiment so that's what I'm banking this is - but I just feel very "off" and can't pinpoint exactly what is off. One thing though, I'm WAY tired. Classic sign of some sort of infection, I predict. Good news is: no fever today so hopefully my neighbor's swine germs did not attack me nor did whatever crud Matt was possessing during the relay. That's not to say that I can't catch something from the petri dish of germs I go to daily but the bottle of hand soap and Germ-X I carry at my hip are there for a purpose - let's hope they do their job!

I'm icing my owie left calf that Nazi-therapist dug into (her advice), stretching (bonus: I can stretch my one leg AND ice the other at the same time. Love it when I find a way to knock off two tasks at once - score!), hydrating, eating "ok" (more than oranges and strawberries, unfortunately), still consuming massive amounts of Vitamin C (no, you cannot OD on the stuff. The consensus is: you just pee out the excess...and maybe have some other end "issues." :) ), warm water soaking my right heel (Nazi's advice also) and trying to sleep more - which, btw, I did not get a nap today due to the massage and a much needed appointment with Becky, my friend and hair highlight magician. A cancelled middle school track meet left me with some time to get some writing done - yea! So I'm heading off to bed earlier than norm with nightly prayers saying a little night-time hocuspocus, along with some sweet dreams, and wake up 100% fully cured of everything that is currently hindering my Portland performance.

As SBS told me today when I told her my new Portland goal and attitude was not a sub-3:45 but rather to finish (and enjoy): smart move.

Yes, I think so, too. I will go to Portland, meeting and making new friends, come home and run another. I will not break, I will not even crack. I will run and I will do whatever I have in me that day and just accept that for what it is! This is part of how it all works....I am learning to be better about that! Besides, after forking out half my daughter's college tuition for a few more massage sessions, at least my legs should be ready to run. Nose is another story.

btw, Rob talked to me some on Monday about post-PDX and that makes me happy. er. Somewhat. Thanks, t-man :). And I highly enjoyed chatting with a new Portland marathoner friend today, thanks!!!

Today: 4x400 @ 6:28 pace
Yesterday: 3 Easyp.m., weight training a.m.

Um, no, this picture is not me. When I googled gastrocnemius muscle, this picture came up so Okay....yeah, I'd love to be able to do that (yeah, right...with my tight hamstrings??) and I love the beach so what better picture to send you.


Unknown said...

hurting calves are the worst! Hope your ailments go away SOON :-(

Anonymous said...

Yes I read it. Hope you sleep well and rest and enjoy your massages. Keep smiling and don't stress about Portland. That's it my dear !