Monday, August 31, 2009

Somewhat Pickled

I liked a FB comment from a friend I just read: my streak of happy Mondays has come to a screeching halt.

While today wasn't in the "incredible" category, there's no comparison to last Monday when things were getting bad. I can certainly relate to fellow runner FBer but I am glad it's not me today.

Went to the gym and worked out. I feel weak today. Okay, I didn't necessarily go in there thinking I had no energy, I just think the weighs trainer-man had me do were too heavy for me today. I think there's a difference between the two. T-man good today...I've asked a few questions a couple times and no response....

Abbey and I did the school shopping thing; hard to believe she will be leaving next week for college :(. I'm going to miss her so much!! Got home and went for a 5 mile easy run at the park. Nice and cool, AND nice to run slow. Both my knees were a little annoying and my quads were tight when I was done...but my glute pain was not as bad so that's a good thing. I stretched it before and am going to a bit tonight before I head off to bed. I have no clients or workouts at 5am tomorrow.... a bit more sleep hopefully!

Definitely cold last night. Fall is approaching quickly.

Finally got a group email out to the relay members. Our team name: Somewhat Pickled. Don't ask. Well, okay .. the first group is called The Pickled Prostates and the are all a male masters team. Since our team isn't all over 40, we're somewhat pickled. I'm going to have Abbey make us some pickle signs for our car and our exchange. Anyway, made some progress on the items we need and Matt even managed to finagle a 2nd car!!! I'm starting to feel a little better about the relay....maybe.
5 miles run
1 weight training

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elaine said...

GREAT name~ you will love this weekend.