Thursday, August 6, 2009

I forgot to blog??!!??

Okay so I went to bed last night and woke up at my usual 3am and realized I didn't blog last night. I still must be in vacation mode - though reality has certainly struck with a vengeance and I feel like I'm home. I'm overwhelmed with life right now, way too much to do!

So yesterday I ran some hills. There's a big ole hill about 2 1/2 miles from me that is pretty demoralizing - it goes straight up. And it's long. I actually like running it - it's an incredible workout. I ran the monster hill twice. But twice was enough and I was tired at the bottom of the second time down so headed home. 6 1/2 miles total.

This morning, I felt yesterday's run and my legs didn't want to cooperate. I was suppose to run 10 minutes easy, 20 at race pace, 15 easy. I don't have a watch, I've not only happened to misplace my Garmin charger and thus my Garmin is defunct, I cannot find my favorite Nike watch. I'm left with no other timing device other than my heart rate monitor watch. Though pink, it's not my favorite watch - I don't like the display screen. But I had to wear it; I had no other option. Anyway, it didn't matter what I wore on my wrist, could have been a faceless rubber band - I didn't have a lot of energy to run. And I decided that's okay - I'm not upset in the least. I think my body's still in recovery mode from last week and besides, I'm doing Georgetown 1/2 on Saturday so playing it easy this week anyway. Met Rob for some weight training that about kicked my butt tonight. That was tough! I cannot do push ups on a stability ball to save my life!! Anyway, felt good but very tough. Immediately after, went to met Ann, a client, to go do her workout. So I got a lot of weight training in tonight. I hope it helps me sleep better!

I have to work in the morning (what's that??!!??) and still have some writing to do for Dimity - she and Sarah are writing a book and Dimity asked me to do a small segment about running progressions. I'm super excited about that!!! So going to close and get that done so that I don't die tomorrow.

yesterday: 6.5 miles run
Today: 5 miles run, 1 killer weight training

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