Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work is cutting into my time...

Reentry back into the working world is always a big adjustment, especially with my time. It's hard to fit it all having had the luxury of more time during the summer. So this will be a short blog, as I had already hoped to be asleep by now.

I'm thinking my antibiotic is worthless and not performing it's intended duty: to cure my sinus infection. I have had the worst headache for the past several day and the pressure on my sinuses are worse than ever. I think a trip back to the dr. by Friday is in order if this mess isn't cl earned up by then. I'm sure this head mess is only exacerbating the hole I seem to be sinking further in. Man, I feel horrible!!

So just a side note: my next race is NOT Portland but the Colorado Outward Bound Relay, which is Sept 11-12 and is 174 miles (well that may actually change because Guanella Pass, part of the first legs, is closed do to potential rock slides). I yearned to be on this relay for a couple years and last year came close to taking someone on the forum's offer of another teammate. But I knew Rob would blow a gasket being it was so close to St. George. Well, this year I'm in and I'm in no better of a position to be doing it this year than I was last, because of Portland Marathon on October 4th. So I'm a little whacked over this, too. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be on a team, and it's part of the prostates running group (with about 6 or so people that Jeff found so we could form the group, since many in my group (#2) bailed or moved to group #1 (the elite over 40 male group) ) so I know a few of the guys (Matt, Craig M....maybe another) so that's a plus. I'm just a little worried the lack of sleep and how dead tired I'm going to be upon return and how I'm going to fit in my sleep and long run for Portland. Things that keep me awake at night. Tomorrow's goal for relay team: I'm going to book a hotel or condo. That's been my job for the past well, several weeks, and I haven't done it yet. Cuz there's been a little lack of communication on what and where I needed to get one. But I will. Anyway, just wanted to share what was next on my agenda. And adding to my stress.

I went to workout this morning, which turned into a disaster, which I won't indulge in cuz it's not worth it. I went to work with about 10 unsuccessful Tylenol's and came home and took a nap. This nap thing has to stop but like my job, it's taking up too much valuable time. But it felt good; I slept hard. I went to the gym tonight and ran the treadmill and practically suffocated it was so hot in there. I needed a good sweaty run, though, to sweat out the tension. But that's when I decided I needed a new antibiotic because that's when I most noticed how this thing is not getting better. I ran a mile warm up, 2 miles at 8:40, 1 mile at 8:08 and one at 8:00. Then 1/2 mile cooldown. I followed that with some weights and ab work and called it a night at the gym.

I then proceeded to the grocery store where I bought more strawberries (did I mention the strawberries yesterday? I'll write about them later if not) and ... cottage cheese *gasp*. I hate that crap but in my disastrous morning talk with Rob, it was reiterated that this is the perfect food for I'm trying to make him happy. I thought I could down the stuff without actually chewing it but found out you can't. So I plugged my nose to abate the taste and I ate 3 tablespoons. I think that's pretty remarkable for me...who hates most foods with weird textures. Anyone have any ideas to make this stuff taste any better w/o adding calories? Cinnamon, perhaps? I'll attempt more tomorrow.

5.5 miles run

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Anonymous said...

I cannot get to sleep so maybe I'll go down and eat a tub of cottage cheese on toast.. yummy. How about with fruit or yogurt ?
Hope yuo are fast asleep now !