Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Butterfly's Pace

As I was running over at the park today, this butterfly was flying around my head for a few of the miles I was running; he was being my pacing guide I guess.

I feel summer slipping away... I'm going to miss it. Yesterday when I went to workout at 5:30am, it was dark my entire drive. Two weeks ago it was light by the time I reached the gym. Not yesterday *sigh*.

I guess if there's anything that is remotely positive about summer ending it's that autumn brings cooler temps and cooler temps mean better running. Hopefully. I can't even tell you how many articles I read on RW blog about how no one can run in this heat. We run, but we suffer. Us runners are all about suffering....but come August, we're pretty tired of constantly soaked running attire. But I'd rather wear sweat-soaked-stuck-to-my-skin shorts and sleeveless shirts than no-skin-showing long pants and jackets. And not because I'm a big into showing the world my skin, it's just that I hate being constricted with so much material when I'm running. Yuck.

Well, no time to dwell on the inevitable.

My legs are so stiff from Tuesday's long run. I got a pretty late start to my tempo run (I met a client at 6am for some intervals, came home and started cleaning, until it was way too warm to be outside running. Why was I cleaning my house in prime running temps when I could easily have done it any other time today? Procrastination is not a good quality to possess). I ate too much food and had a stomachache during my run. I didn't have a great tempo run. Which seems to be pretty much the standard. All summer. I started out okay for about 3 miles (8:20 pace. Goal wasn't fast, goal was race-pace) then that was it. That's all the life I had in me. I ran 5x800's with Ann this morning but they weren't all out and felt they were actually a good workout so I don't think it was a matter of running too much prior. I think it was just a combo of the issues listed above.

I met Rob the other night for a little one-on-one whine-fest. I'm whining about running. Go figure. Pikes Peak this Saturday: I don't want to do it. Colorado Relay on the 11-12th of Sept: I don't want to do it. Portland: I fear it. I fear I can't run it the way I want to. Ok, so I have two major upcoming races I don't want to do and one gigantic race I am second-guessing why I signed up. I think I just need to get Pikes Peak done and Park City the following weekend (*just for training!!!!!!*) and then I think my mentality is going to change towards Portland. Let's hope.

A guy emailed me today who found me via my pink blog. He has written some articles on Piriformis Syndrome (you know, that major pain in the butt - literally - that has been dogging me for 3 months. Just in the past week has it started feeling a lot better. Thank you!!!). I told him I'd link his site to my blog, and will do that here eventually, but for now you can click on the link above to read more. I am happy to see that the core work I've doing is the "if you can only do one exercise, this would be it" to help fix the problem and not only stretching. Score one for me! For once.

I have nothing even remotely prepared for Pikes Peak on Saturday. I need to get my act together tomorrow morning and get it together. I have book club in the afternoon (no, I did not read the book. I'm not even sure what the name is. No one even bothers telling me anymore. Ha) and I probably would bail on book club to get ready for PP but I am in charge of the food this month. I still need to think about what food.

Here's a couple pictures of my friend, Lisa's, visit. She went to college with me but several years ago bought a big sailboat and left her Seattle life and sailed around a lot of the world, and landed permanently in Australia. She was back in Iowa for the past several weeks and came to visit me on her way back to Aussie-land. We had a great time, as always, and managed to meet up with a fellow past co-worker from Colorado Springs many life-times ago (picture #2). I always miss her when she leaves and feel her absence the past couple days. Safe travels, Lisa!

10 miles

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