Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a Tuesday 23

I can't ever remember being so tired as I am right now. Okay, maybe it was just last week...but wow, I AM really tired. Gonna be a short blog; need to get up on 6 hours to weight train.

I love these non-working days when I can do a long run anywhere I need to. Today's 23 miler fit perfectly for a Tuesday coming off the Georgetown race last Saturday and doing Pikes Peak Ascent this Saturday. Encountered a gazillion bikers on their way to work today, though, that I normally don't see on the weekends. But a lot less runners, too.
Chose my typical long run path on the Cherry Creek Trail and opted to run on it the entire way and not take a side road at the country club like I sometimes do. I found this cool waterfall when it was close to my turn around point; it must be new because I'm sure I would have seen it before, it really stands out. I have not ventured down this far on this path in many months so maybe it really is new. Pictures below.

I felt pretty good today on my run, especially at the beginning. I wanted to make sure my pace was always read in the 9's. No 8:33's or 10:15's....everything in the 9's. With about 7 miles to go, I noticed my mid-back starting to hurt some. This also happened in Georgetown and a few longer runs before that. Not sure what's going on there. About mile 5, I started getting pretty tired. I'm not sure I was getting enough nutrition in me either. Also about mile 5, the temperatures were warming up and I could definitely feel it affecting my running. I tried to keep up my 9's and was fairly successful..most of the time. Averaged 9:23 today. That's a good number for me. Not sure how I'm going to manage 26 in less than 2 weeks but it will all be okay :)
My college friend, Lisa, who now lives in Australia has been here visiting since yesterday. She is leaving tomorrow. Very sad! We've been so busy the past two days.....
Okay, well past tired so off to bed.
23 miles run

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Anonymous said...

Good job on your 23. I pounded out 9 this am, such a wimp I am, but it was good to get back on the trails again. Apart from mowing the grass last night I did little and was in bed by 10:20 so I was up at 5:10 and ready to get out of the door. Now for a shower and off to work. Make it a great day. JC