Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 E + Stretch-n

Woke at 5am and ridiculous that I can't at least sleep til at least 5:30 - ha.

But there's such a peaceful calmness at that hour on a Sunday morning, I actually enjoyed sitting by the window and doing some writing.

As expected, my quads are sore today. Not terribly, I can walk fine but they are certainly sore. After the sun came up and I did a couple loads of laundry, I ran over to the track for an easy 3 mile shake-out run. Afterwards, I sat on the infield, having the entire place to myself for most of the time (a guy came about the time I was leaving), and I stretched my achy legs for about 20 minutes, doing some ab rockers and push ups in between stretches. It felt great!! I wish I had the time to do 20 minutes of stretching everyday! Or rather, I wish I would make the time to stretch for 20 minutes everyday!

I popped my blood blister and a gallon of blood spewed out. FUN!

With my new "I'm not going to let little things bother me" attitude, I'm slightly unhappy with the fact that I was scheduled to work out with Rob tomorrow morning but due to his double booking and failing to inform me that my 5:30 time slot was contingent on moving another client around, I am not going to be able to work out with him tomorrow because the other chick won't move her time. I asked him last week to let me know when I could work out this week because I had a slew of thing I needed to schedule for the week, one which included having my friend schedule her train ticket to my availability to come get her. I did my arranging around the time he gave me and he can't do that time with me. ??? I don't mind working out by myself, but I had really wanted to talk to him about the Georgetown race and my concerns and whatnot and that's why I'm kinda "bothered" right now - despite my new things-aren't-going-to-bother-me attitude. :). Seems like the things I hire him to do sometimes fall to the wayside and somehow, it ends up my fault.

Okay, that's all I'm going to say about it cuz it's only making me more upset. I just find it kinda unprofessional and sad and I had to mention it. I just really wanted to talk to him about the race while it was still at the forefront of my thoughts and not lost with the week's activities!!

A friend I met on RW blog sites told me, amongst other things, "maybe the body just wasn't into it, making it feel like you were pushing harder than you really were." I guess I never thought of that before...maybe all the obstacles I endured in this race, though all pretty minor (bladder, no watch, torn up road, sea level vacation....etc.) all came together and just made me feel like my very hard effort was just hard that day and that all will be okay at the marathon. I don't know...but it did make my mind feel a little better.

Elaine is home from her Utah vacation, I just got an email from her. I've missed her. Welcome home, Elaine! What I am going to do after StG without you?

Okay, going to get up and workout at 5:30 on my own I guess so better close and get to bed! Picking up my Australia friend (formerly Iowa friend, Lisa, at the train at 7:15 am tomorrow for a couple days of girl-fest fun! Can't wait!

Oh, btw, found my regular Nike running watch; it was in a bag with my hair accessories that I apparently had not unpacked yet. I just ordered another watch this morning :/. Oh well, can never have too many running watches...and this just a cheap thing. I do need to get my Garmin accessories from Rob so I can return that watch, if needed. Dennis said the charge was holding so maybe it just got bumped or something before the race and thus was dead. I don't have a clue....

3 miles run

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elaine said...

Pushups made you feel good??!?!? There is definitely something wrong there. Thanks for missing me, but I am concerned I am losing you after StG. This can not be good.