Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small-town Michigan to Big-town Chicago

I have left small-town Grand Haven and am now in the big-town of Chicago. I have been gone almost two weeks; after tomorrow's big city exploration, I will be ready to go home!

Yesterday was a miserable day at the beach and I desperately wanted to go to Chicago last night. I was quickly vetoed; the kids all wanted to go to the grand finale fireworks display last night. During the parade yesterday morning, it rained. I froze. We went to our friend's house early because the beach was too cold to go to and we just hung out there for what seemed like ever. I was so tired and really just wanted to get out of town. Abbey and I went and rented a movie while the rest of the crew ventured downtown to watch fireworks. I wasn't even able to watch the entire movie, I was way too tired; it is still sitting in my laptop, I need to return it to the nearest Redbox.

Got up early .. and I mean EARLY (like 4:30. Which is 2:30 Colorado time. I couldn't sleep). Laid around awhile and then finally got up to go for a run. My legs are tired. I'll admit it. I ran about 8 miles....I'd hoped I could pick up the pace a tad but I couldn't. I sent Rob an email with my log for the week and told him I needed a lower mileage week this week. Haven't heard back from him yet but I think he'll concur. I hope I get my plan before tomorrow morning.

Finally got out of Michigan late this morning and we headed to Chicago. Got here a little after lunch time and toured the Museum of Science and Industry. Always a cool place to visit. Brendan especially enjoyed the flight simulator on the Navy fighter plane and later Ryan and Abbey went to the Harry Potter exhibit with my cousin and her boys (they live in the north suburbs of Chicago) and I went with Brendan to see the U-505 submarine tour, which was way cool!!!

Brendan in front of the United 727 plane at Museum of Sci. and Ind.

Headed out of the museum about 5:00 to meet my other cousin and his wife for dinner. This town is so crazy, took us an hour to go about 15 miles - traffic was ridiculous! But we had a great dinner and it was so nice to spend time with my cousins that I so rarely ever get to see. My cousin, Doug, I have not seen in probably 20 years.

Me; my cousin, Doug; Doug's wife, Kristie; my other cousin's wife, Carrie

Hang at the hotel in Chicago right now, getting caught up on some writing and a ton of emails. My ankle still itches from the bee bite. My body very tired from the high mileage week and early morning runs so going to head to bed here soon. Looking forward to tomorrow as we go to the Sear's Tower and do a few other sight seeing things. Then home!

Happy Birthday to my twin boys today!!!!

8 miles run today

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Anonymous said...

It's always great to get home after a vacation and be back in your own surroundings and sleep in your own bed. Hope it is warmer back in Denver. We are still in the 90's here but it is cooling down at night. 5 mile tempo run this morning was all I could muster - have a popped blister in my right back toe that is painful to run on, so need to cover it with moleskin tomorrow. Take Care !