Friday, August 14, 2009

Prepping for Pikes Peak

It's almost 10:00 and I'm almost done packing. Sorta.

I have been in a frenzy all day about what to wear. I think it's almost better to be in the dark about how drastically the weather can change from 6000' to 14,100' cuz I have half my house packed I and somehow need to get it around my waist and up that mountain tomorrow. At least the weather forecast isn't calling for rain. Until the afternoon. And well, I may be still on that mountain by "afternoon." My biggest dilemma? What to wear on my legs. Shorts? Great at the start, but too cold at the top? Pants? Too hot at the start but may be necessary at the top? I have been agonizing about this for literally two days.

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods today, via the advice of my friend and Big Sur running-mate, Kathryn (whom I spent a great hour today combing her closet for anything I may need. She was not, however, hiding any sports psychotherapists unfortunately) and decided it was time to buy a pair of capri tights. A good compromise between shorts and pants, yes???!!??

The only problem: I'm wearing them right now and I'm really way too warm! ugh.

So here's what I have so far:
- Tights
- Sleeveless shirt with attached jog bra
- Short sleeved technical shirt
- Long sleeved technical shirt
- Rain jacket - not sure whether to wear Kathryn's, which is a size too small (size XS. Oh please! who wears an XS?) but super light-weight or my own, which is a size too big and a pound too heavy. I'll be tormented with this thought at least until a half hour before race time, when I'll undoubtedly make the wrong choice.
- Warm Hat (pic below - thanks to Kathryn)
- Gloves - another sore contention: light weight or heavy wind-proof. Last year, my gloves were soaked all the way through and had the race not been forced to turn back, wondered if I was going to have to stop at the medical tent and get some tape to wrap my hands - they were frozen to the core. So I'm very concerned about this.
- Wicking Socks that go over my ankles (less chance of gravel to get in your shoe)
- Trail runners (which I just got this summer and had hoped to break in more. They are comfy though. But also gave me a blister on my little right toe. Need to Band-Aid that profusely before I put on socks!).
- Water
- Gu
- Sport Beans
- Sunglasses
- Baseball cap
- 2 Watches (in case my Garmin cops an attitude and quits, like it did in Georgetown, I have a back up)
- Tylenol
- Aleve
- Band-Aids
- Sport Legs (opps, ran out). Alternative: D-Ribose
- Accelerade
- Bandana
- iPod (shu, quiet....don't tell anyone, they are banned. Still questionable if I take it)
- Camera
- Phone
- Body Glide (applied beforehand)
- Sunscreen (also applied beforehand)
- Oatmeal (to eat an hour before - somehow)
- Banana (to eat a half hour before)
- Car Key wonder I have a headache! I'm also melting in these half tights. ugh.

I did somehow manage to make it to the pool today to swim some laps...I think it was just what I needed (despite how pressed for time I was. Remember that book club thing from yesterday's blog???). I even came up with a plan post Portland. :).

I'll fine-tune that plan tomorrow - after all, I have a good 5-hours to think about it.

Thanks for the hat, Kathryn!

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