Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And She's In

Abbey was officially accepted to the University of Denver today, her first choice in colleges. What's been an emotional roller-coaster with DU initially putting her on a wait-list and her second choice not looking too promising, today's news is a fairytale where dreams do come true. to afford it - a whole different ball of yarn (Abbey says she's going to list her entire contents of her bedroom on Ebay. Watch for details). But she's determined to make it work so we'll try to make it work. Though the college process has just begun, what a relief to finally have her decision as to which school to attend. It's a great school with an excellent reputation - I hope she views this as a privilege and honor DU by working hard. As a parent, I can't stop see your daughter, who has struggled in so many ways through her high school years, to persevere and get in to her top college choice, and a great one at that, it's one of those moments that you are very proud to be a parent!

Okay, now we just gotta get these invitations out!!!!!

In all the hoopla of college-esque discussions and happiness today, I ran my intervals very late in the evening. Which is, after I ate, and not the best way to run intervals, especially with this sensitive stomach!! 4x800's ... which isn't too bad, thankfully, but at a 6:40 pace...which is a challenge. Especially after consuming a huge chicken breast. And I mean huge. I had no intentions of eating before I ran but I was on the phone talking to my dear friend Jane and while pacing my kitchen talking, I ended eating it and before I knew it, it was gone. All of it! So off to the treadmill at 9:00 pm for intervals. They went okay. I still am having some leg stiffness due to I presume Boston but for the most part, they went well. I even managed to do the last one at 6:30.

On the fence about doing the Bannister mile next Tuesday with the guys. 12:30 isn't my ideal time to run (unless the weather is good) and I think there's a lot of pressure to perform in front of the guys. Still, it may be good for me...I've longed to do a timed 1-miler for months now and this would be a good opportunity and also good to see the group and their pace would help boost me I think (I am, by far, the slowest in the group...even of the two females that are in the marathon relay with me in a couple weeks...though I can't help but wonder if I am making ground somewhere close to Alicia's time. please?). So I'll ponder this for a couple more days...along with my fall marathon. And no pressure from JC!!! :)

4 miles run
And a huge congrats to Abbey!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to know that you are still pondering. i will cont to help you make the right decision :)