Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm so ready to run again....

I'm feeling edgy, I want to go run. Most of the quad soreness is gone with just a few traces of noticeable stiffness.....mostly as I walk down the stairs, obviously. I'd do most anything for a quad massage right now... hum. Anyway, I am so ready to run right now but I'm being a quasi-good girl; Rob has told me so many different numbers of mandatory wait-time days after each of my marathons, this time telling me 10, but I think the number that works best for me is 7. I went to the pool tonight and swam a's almost as therapeutic as the massage except that you have to do the work yourself. But it does feel good during and after. Tomorrow is only day 6; I may go ride my bike. I need to do something other than eat still lingering-around-the-house chocolate Easter eggs!

I went over to a local running store in my community this afternoon. There's a guy there that may (or may not) be one of the owners ... if not, he is at least one of the managers .... and always gives me a nice discount :). Today was a big sale and so I went in to restock on my GU and sport beans, and also in an attempt to find something other than my powder Accelerade to digest during my long runs and marathons. The current electrolyte of choice is just causing me so much stress trying to consume it during the race as the zip-lock bag won't rezip most of the time and if it's a windy day, the powder is pretty much everywhere except in my mouth. My overly sensitive stomach does not tolerate pure Gatorade that is provided at the back to square one in finding a solution. Which needs to be found sooner than later since the summer heat is soon upon us. So I thought I could pick the brains of some store employees about what they would recommend....only when I got there, no one really seemed to have an answer though one did suggest some type of tablets. They were pricey so I think I'll just do some online research for awhile.... Nevertheless, I did get side-tracked with shoes. The numbness in my feet does not seem to be subsiding and so I thought I'd pick the brain of some new guys working there...not sure where they came from because they definitely have never been there in the countless times I've been in, but they did seem pretty knowledgeable. The bonus of this, though not for my local running store, is that I bought my feet-numbing shoes from Road Runner Sports and they are going to take them back, despite I have worn them for 60 days, and exchange them for one of the pair I tried on at the local store. Hey...gotta save where I can, and if RRS is willing to exchange the used ones for free...then all the power to me!

I finally got my Boston suitcase unpacked and much-needed laundry done. Even managed to clean out my bedroom closet in an attempt for warm-weather clothing to hopefully fill it soon. It was in the high 70's all week but of course, the weekend has brought cooler temps only in the 40's. I finally took my RRCA coaching test (the class I took last month) and cranked a 99%, thank you!!!! That was sweet. Got Abbey over to the mall and she managed to find a skirt for graduation. Score #3 of the day, yes!!! Did not get any graduation announcements addressed or pictures picked...I will cross my fingers for that tomorrow.

I finally got online and looked at my race results. I thought it would be good to document it so I could look at it quickly when necessary.

10k 15k 20k Half 25k 30k 35k 40k
0:27:01 0:52:45 1:18:49 1:45:23 1:50:56 2:11:43 2:39:12 3:07:55 3:37:50

Bib: 18308
Finish: 3:51:55
Pace: 8:51
Overall: 13573
Gender: 4291
Division: 483

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Anonymous said...

First, I run ONLY in Asics Gel Cumulus. Try them and if you like them ,get several pairs on EBAY for circa $40 plus shipping and be stocked up for a while. These are the best shoes that I have ever run in, no blisters ever, light, good breathability etc.
second, ENDUROLYTES worked for me at SLC in avoiding any and all cramps taken during the race. I start with two THERMOTABS at the start of the race but they are tablets and disintegrate in your shorts during the run whereas ENDUROLYTES are capsules and will not do that. tell me more about your relay race September 11-12th ?? keep up the blogs and questions :) :)