Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10:30's the Goal

Though I'm not going to quite make it. That's okay; I'm feeling pretty good right now. Which, considering I never felt very well today, this is miracle. Studying tonight was my main focus; I am so far behind and I cannot even possibly imagine how I'm going to pass this test (I also got the luxury of spending an hour on the phone with Sprint because my cell phone wasn't getting email. I found I could do the phone thing AND read my textbook AND iron some clothes for school tomorrow..all at once; I love to solve many problems all at once!). I admit it, this stuff is way harder than I imagined. Maybe not so much the subject matter itself, but all the terminology is way too much to memorize. E-gads!!!!!!! I took a picture of my textbook, my workbook, my notes and my pink binder (of course it's pink!) just to prove that I am being studious. Wish I were further along being studious but I'll get there.

I intended to get up and run my intervals this morning and then do weights tonight. I didn't quite make it (it must be a day for "just not quite making it"??). I just couldn't get up this morning, my head was pounding. I surprised myself tonight while heavily into my textbook reading about body fat (how appropriate since I had a minor meltdown last night when I had mine tested :P ) and seriously thought I was going to have to bag the entire day of running....I didn't know how I was going to fit it in. But skipping a run just isn't me and major guilt set in and so eventually, I hopped on my treadmill and ran some intervals. My schedule called for 5x1200's at a 5:30 (7:22 per mile pace); I was fearful I was going to die. Yesterday, I had a horrible run and never loosened up, fought ever single step. Today, just the opposite. I bumped the treadmill up to a 7:18 pace and maintained all feeling good. Good breathing, good stride, in a good zone, no headache, no knee pain, iPod blasting. Took the last 1200 and upped it to a 1600 an ran the thing at 7:03. Yeah baby!!!! Didn't get in my weights but will do that tomorrow.

7 minutes late so signing off...

6 miles intervals

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Tim said...

That's really fast. I cannot run that fast on a treadmill. I can barely do an 8:00 pace. In fact my treadmill pace is always slower than the pace I can do outside. I don't really get this. I think that on a treadmill I shorten my stride or something. I just don't like treadmills.