Friday, February 27, 2009

An Additional Two

26 miles and hanging on. Realizing on Wednesday that I had the day off today, I needed to make a schedule switch-around because running today was going to be a lot easier than tomorrow as Ryan's debut to the World Affairs Challenge (all DU...sitting on bleachers). I'm excited for him though and I know he's going to do great! I was a bit hesitant about today's run as the forecast was calling for cold and snow and I keep trying to adjudge when was best. I decided late last night that adversity in climate is all part of the game. Who can set the perfect weather conditions for the races we run (oh how I wish) so in the same suck-up-and-do-it race lines from Saturday, I decided I'd just go today; it worked well into the schedule, and I'd just deal with the weather accordingly.

It turned out to be an okay day, really, weather-wise. A bit windy and some flurries decided to flare up when I had about 9 miles left. Another 15 degrees warmer would have been ideal, but it wasn't a blizzard, a downpour, or hurricane winds (run in them all before). I'll take it (but my legs were kinda getting cold at the end. Did I just say that? The girl that hates to wear running pants???).

Retracing my 24-miler steps from a couple weeks ago with an additional two miles around the Museum of Nature and Science and a quick jaunt through a neighborhood and that will work for 13. It's so much simpler placing my feet in the same path for a long run because there are places I can get water along this course. Which is crucial for me. Today I side-tracked a street and by doing so, found a 7/11 at the perfect time; aka, my water supply was getting low. My good deed of the day was when two high school girls came up to me when I was reloading my water bottle and asked if I had a spare 20 cents. My heart sunk and I opened my pack and gave the girls the spare $2 that I reserve for cab fare cash (for emergencies....not to bale on a run. Really!) or for an emergency poptart (due to low blood sugar. Really). But it was well worth it; I see these kids daily that never eat lunch (and most of the time no breakfast either). Wish they would have bought something other than donuts...but glad at least they got something for lunch. I was most excited about today's run when I actually saw some crocuses blooming in a yard. A sure sign that spring IS soon going to be here (please hurry!).
I had a few what I think are hydration problems and when I got home, I decided not to play with faith having lived (thankfully) through a crazy concoction of dehydration complications last winter and headed off to the dr. I didn't want a similar repeat. Unfortunately, I was not able to see my regular doctor today so a brief explanation of running related symptoms and a quick urine test and I was told I had no infection. Really? I have the exact same signs of disorder I had last year. So instead of an antibiotic to cure all, I got a lecture on running too much, eating too much protein and overdoing it, in general. Hum. Okay, I'll give myself a couple days to see if my symptoms subside and if not, then I'll head back with more ammunition. I really do not think it's as bad as this "new" doctor claims ... I wish my old doctor was there (though she's not exactly keen about how much I run, but she knows a lot more of my medical history without reading a 5 hour report).
Despite a bladder that felt like it had a 30 lb weight on it and the fact I had to use the "facilities" frequently, I had a great 26-miler. I cranked the pace down to slow plod, evident by my heart rate rarely elevating past 150. That's perfect! I didn't want speed, I wanted endurance and I finished with legs feeling great, very little back pain, no tingling feet and only a minor neck ache. I celebrated by running up the steep (but short) hill at the tail end of my run whereas I generally walk it as a cool-down.
One proud Jill.
If my inners are feeling up to par on Sunday, I plan on doing a little local 5K across the dam road. I'm excited!
26 miles run

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elaine said...

k, so the doc says you're going to kill yourself if you aren't careful, but your legs are feeling great and you're going to run a 5k tomorrow? How did he/she know about all the protein you ate? Did it show up in the urine test? I hope you are asleep...