Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today was a day where I was forced to look at my limitations. Like other past times I learned I am not super-woman, today that fact was reiterated. Sadly, I did not run. Plan or no plan, sacrifices had to be made in order to fit everything in. I had to prioritize and running lost. This class is consuming all my time but around 10:00 tonight, I totally lost interest in my book. I came home from work in a total panic and frantically reread everything over, eliminating the sections I felt were not as important. My daughter said, "gee mom, you need to learn to 'skim' " and gave me some tips. I tried this tactic but it wasn't helping....I figure I either know it or I don't.

I also think I am getting a cold. Probably brought on by the stress of this class! And germy kids at school. I was dragging all day!

I did go lift some weights tonight with Rob and remarkably felt strong, considering I didn't feel good all day. My breathing, on the other hand, on the treadmill felt a little forced, erratic almost, just not really I tried to detain my mind from my wheeze. I think I just have issues running without my iPod. I've become so dependant on it. An addiction. A crutch.

Met a guy on Facebook that lives in Denver and has run the Boston mararthon a few times; he's offered his Boston tips and tactics..... something I NEED to start storing. I'm unfortunately feeling the Boston anxiety (more so, the Atlanta half I'm doing in March. I ran so well last year and that always messes me up when I run the same race again! More on that topic later).

A balmy 68 in the Mile High city today. Nice!

Weights - 1

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