Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weights and Tired Legs

Went to the gym today to do a series of circuit weights. Times 4. I feel myself getting stronger in the gym, and it's apparent by my physical appearance...but I still do not enjoy weight training. And I'm not sure I ever will. My soul needs to be outdoors where I can breath the fresh air, shake out my bad mood or celebrate the great day. Lifting weights in a suffocating gym with the smell of sweat will never do what running does for me....but I DO know it's a necessity to be the runner I want to be. So I do it. I try not to complain (though how can you not sometimes). Today I felt good and strong and was happy that I managed to do them without shaking constantly. Afterwards, which took close to an hour to complete, I was to do a 20 minute tempo run. I got on the treadmill (I was at the gym already, why not just stay and get it done!) and my legs would not move. Monday's weight training of glutes and hamstrings, Tuesday's long/hard intervals, Wednesday's hill repeats....oh my, my quads, calves, hamstrings AND my left heel were hurting. I ran about 10 minutes at about an 8:10 pace but I could not move another step after that. I walked the next 10 minutes and I felt successful at that!!! Tomorrow is a rest day in preparation of 24 miles(gulp) on Saturday! One more day of work and then I'm off for four days...woohooo!

2 miles run
weights - lots

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