Sunday, February 15, 2009

38 Minutes Per Mile

I am surprisingly NOT sore today. Okay, a tad bit in the quads and glutes, maybe in the calves if I go to stretch them.... but I can walk down the stairs with ease (aka, not slow and not sideways) and I'm not cringing with each step. THIS is a good sign. I hope. I still did not sleep much last night; I'm not quit sure why my body seems to want to wake up so early each day, despite what time I go to sleep ... but I think it's time to adjust accordingly (aka, go to bed earlier). Okay, I get it already! Enough. That's my goal this week! I managed to find my way this morning to the gym to swim some laps. I really wasn't relishing in excitement over this; I was actually a little on the side of 'dread', but I knew my body would reap the rewards with a good, stretching swim. And burn a few calories along with it. So I went. Something is off with the pool today, it was murky and I scrunched my nose at it. But in I went and I was right, it DID feel good and 38 minutes later, I finished my 1-mile swim (this included 12 laps of only kicking, 20 laps of only arm pulls, and 2 laps of "trying" to hold my breath an entire length. I can no longer do this 1-whole-lap-under-water-breath-holding-thingy but I'm practicing each time I'm at the pool in an attempt to expand my lung capacity. Well, it sounds good anyway...I'm just shocked that I could once do over one length some-odd years ago while in my collegiate days and now I am on the verge of a total black-out by doing 3/4 of a lap. Egads!!). My back is still bothering me a little. err.
The day started off very cold this morning in the Mile High City (especially since the batteries died overnight in my thermostat and it was a brisk 56 degrees in my house when I woke. Burr) but right now, it's a sunny 49 (outside, inside it's a nice 66 thanks to my rush to the store for more double A's) and am still singing my weeks' victory song!

Cross train - 1 mile swim

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