Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brain Dead

Thanks for whomever made a comment on yesterday's blog! I am done with class #2 in my trilogy of needed certifications. This class about did me in; I am beat! I was so stressed about the practical exam, where I had to pick a card and perform an exercise from the card for a client. Then a modification and a progression to that exercise. Then I had to name all the working major muscles of that exercise and modifications, 3 stretches for that muscles and an exercise and progression to that exercise to the opposing muscles of the main exercise. Yeah, I had to know all my muscle names. It was grueling! In all my stress, I think I did well on that :). Now the written, I'm not so sure. I guess I'll know in a few weeks. It was harder than I thought; lots of those "trick questions"- blah!

I came home from class and became a vegetable. I came to the conclusion there is no way I could go back to school as a professional student, even part-time. Not with working 1 almost full-time job, numerous part-time jobs, training for Boston, and having 3 kids to attend to. My house looked like a tornado it when I returned home last night! And I'm not kidding. Brendan was pretty much home alone today for about ... oh....7 or so hours. Mommy-guilt was a mile high! I eventually managed to peel myself off my bed and went for a run. My head was throbbing but I had to go; it was a necessity for my well-being. There's nothing more therapeutic than a good run, even when you're dog-tired! Sitting in a hard plastic chair for the majority of 10 hours for the past 3 days was killing me - and egads, my knee on Friday was about ready to pop out of it's knee-cap; it hurt incredibly bad! Just from sitting in a chair. I guess bending a bad knee all day is not a good thing. Anyway, as tired as I was, I knew I'd feel a lot better with a run so I changed and managed a very good 8:35 pace for 5 miles tonight on my treadmill. I hate that thing...but I had to go.

Off to bed. Looking forward to getting my "life" back to some sort of normalcy. Whatever that is!

5 miles run.

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