Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Name of Sacrifice

Turn it up!! It's always sweet when your legs do what they're suppose to do; especially after coming off a not so great previous day. I procrastinated my run tonight as long as I could. My intentions were go to over to my favorite park and run after work but the wind was nuts with gusts up to 43 mph (according to the radio) so I knew I'd have a better run on the treadmill. Yuck. I did everything under the sun around the house until it was time, I had to go or else I'd be running at midnight. Nothing more motivating than treadmill running while watching 'The Biggest Loser'....I feel sorry for the people that get voted off; I know it's reality t.v. but they all need help and I want them all to succeed!! I had a great run: 7 miles at an 8:27 pace. I could still feel a bit of soreness in my quads but it's beginning to leave (albeit slowly).

For several days, in anticipation of Lent, I pondered the theme of sacrifice. I grew up thinking that Lent meant giving up something you like for 40 days… like chocolate, teasing, watching too much t.v., stuff like that. I have had variations on this theme over my adult years, giving up things like caffeine or alcohol. It's never easy, but it seemed much more like fodder for humorous complaining than a spiritual exercise of self-denial. So this year I decided to do something a little different, but still in the arena of sacrifice: I'm going to do things that will make me a better runner. I'm going to follow my diet a lot better; I'm going to ice bath my legs after every long and/or hard run or whenever they are sore days later; stretch a little more and after each run (did I really say that??); I'm going to try harder to get more sleep; I'm going to abate pre-race jitters by just going out there and do it and not worry about every detail; I'm going to not bite off head's around me before Atlanta and Boston; and I'm not going to eat any evil saltine crackers at work. I've tried to come up with other ideas to make these 40 days the very best for my running; if you have any other suggestions that will be helpful, please let me know. I gave my trainer ample time to give me his list but he has not replied so I'll take that as a sign he wants no changes. Okay.... I'll remember that when he's giving me the evil glare while negotiating our next plan. Ha!

I lied on yesterday's blog. Twice. 1) I am off work this Friday and thus, do not have a solid 5 weeks of work before I have a day off. When Ryan told me this morning he was off school Friday, I took this as a sign I'd better go look at my schedule because I took a lot of time off when they were.... and yep, I have this Friday off. Yahoo! 2) I misquoted Dennis when he asked me how I would manage the next 5 weeks without a day off...he actually asked me, how I would manage "one" week without a day off. Yeah.... I am spoiled!

Brendan got some pictures from his Mt. Sherman climb this past weekend, have to share; they are incredible!! You rock, B!

7 miles run

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