Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hills are Alive

This picture isn't of me, though I wish it were, ...I just like it :)

Today's workout called for 6 miles of hill repeats. Preparation for the hills in Boston, I presume (somewhere, there must be an elevation map of Boston??? Why can't I find it? Because I haven't looked??). There's a hill in my neighborhood that is approximately a half mile long. Probably not quite, but pretty darn close. We'll call it close enough. When I finally managed to drag myself away from my computer and some deadlines, I ventured over to the infamous Piney Creek Hill and ran the beast. Down then up. Down then up. 6 times.
I have a love-hate relationship with hills. I really don't like running up them, but I really am good at 'em....meaning, I manage to keep my pace pretty strong with the added pleasure of keeping my times consistent (albeit SLOW). It wasn't always this way; I have my physical therapist to thank for her work in analyzing which of my muscles were most weak and the old glutes and quads won the weakness test (big time). Thus, I've spent countless hours working on 'em. Never would have made it up Mt. Evans and Pikes Peak this past summer had I not (yet not quite ready for them in Big Sur). As a result, I now actually don't run down hills well; though I do like how they are "easier" then their antonym.

But no matter what, whether it's part of a race or just some personal torture in my neighborhood on an average, unassuming Wednesday, I want to be fit for running, in life. They often come, be it in a race or in everyday living, when we least expect them and I want to be ready!

So from now until Boston, look for me at the top of Norfolk and Crestline or the bottom of Mobile and Orchard every Wednesday as I prepare to be "ready."

6 miles run

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Dennis pointed me to your blog a few weeks ago. Nice work, you are really getting in the miles. I found an elevation profile for Boston: