Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love, Save the Empty

No correlation of title to blog post; I just love that song and thus the title was formed.

Back to work today and it was nuts!! Those kids are so wound up after a 5-day crazy monkeys. For a what's normally a typical calm Wednesday, it felt like a double shot of Monday!

Brendan started wrestling today. I wish middle school wrestling were more than a few weeks running but it's middle school...and It's probably best I don't get started in the politics of middle school sports....other than it's sad! Anyway, I'm excited for Brendan and hope he learns this year that being "nice" isn't the name of the game!! As the girly-girl that I am, I was thinking that I would really not enjoy one thing about wrestling since it's such a smelly, sort of gay-ish, male contact sport. But I love it! I truly get into it and am hollering for Brendan to "flip 'em" and other two one-syllable words of 'go get ums.' I am excited for the season (aside from yet another thing to cram into my day...)

Leg weight training tonight; went okay. I think. I can't really tell; I just do what I'm told...and I don't complain (really...all those "comments" are not complaints; they're just voices...small-talk. Information. Whatever). I jinxed my left knee because 1) I saw the trainer at school today and she asked me when I was coming in to ultra-sound my knee. I told her it was doing well and no need. She told me to come in tomorrow anyway. So my knee heard that and 2) when I went in to do weights tonight, it instantly hurt! And it still hurts. And I did ice it.

Rob told me that he didn't read on my blogs that I have a here's the official announcement: I have a cold! I think. I was so stuffed up today and so many kids told me that I didn't sound like me. That's a big clue. I took some nasal stuff when I got home before I worked out and that helped. Some. I just think that maybe, in addition to my cold, it's this extremely frustrating sinus thing I can't shake!!! Ever.

On the plus side: I think my pool-induced brain tumor has left the left side of my head; my aching back is about 53% better; I got my mattress flipped (so I hope tonight my back will be fully healed); I didn't die doing a 5:27 for treadmill sprints; and I'm off to bed before midnight. Yep, all good pluses!

2 miles treadmill sprints
Weight training: legs

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Jill said...

I appear to have "posting a comment" issues. So I'm testing.

BTW, the 5:27 pace I did yesterday was the pace...not for an entire mile (all I can say to that is: I wish!).