Thursday, February 19, 2009

A State of Fuzz

I actually was a good girl today and went and saw the athletic trainer, Elise, as promised (to her AND my knee!). Elise used to work with my physical therapist years ago; one of those fun small-world stories. And I trust her fully, which is a pretty difficult task for me, for reasons I shouldn't get into right now. Anyway, we talked in length about my on-again/off-again knee pain and she rambled off all sorts of possibilities and scenarios but highly stressed to get an x-ray of it. Um...not right now; she doesn't understand how the outcome of that visual could potentially land me a great deal of anxiety and that's not a good place for my mind to be pre-Boston; I'll unfortunately have enough of that with all properly functioning body parts....let's not throw in a "Ms Parker, your knee is screwed and you'll need extensive reconstructive surgery immediately followed by 6-8 months of post-op, non-running physical therapy in order for you to have about a 10% chance of running in the future ...." Yeah....denial!! I figure if I can keep running on it, pain or no pain, then x-ray needed. Right now. I'll certainly consider an x-ray if it gets to the point where it's hindering my run but in the meantime, she untrasounded it and suggested I come back a couple times next week and we'll bump up the sound machine to a 7. Okay...sure, sounds good. Does my knee currently feel better? I will be quite honest and say I feel no change. Bummer.

I had a 'crash-course on using powerschool' (the program our school district uses for student identification) pow-wow power meetings early this morning that left my brain a tangled mess. I will admit that computers and me are not happy companions and I spent way too much time writing down information and thus miss half of what it is I need to do and compensated by keeping the instructor well past class time asking questions I'm sure she was rolling her eyes my 18-year old enjoys doing when I ask one of those questions that, apparently, any 5-year old could answer. Come mid-afternoon, I found myself in a hazy afternoon slump and thoughts of a post-work nap were screaming! If I could have laid my head down on my desk at 2:00, I have no doubt I would have instantly passed out. By the time I eventually found myself home after ultrasound knee therapy, I headed straight for my bed and before I knew it, I had slept about an hour and a half. Eeeks. Usually if I have a nap, it's a power related and lasts about 15 minutes. I must have been really tired; I even had dreams. I hope I don't have sleep problems tonight!!!!

In a sleep-induced fuzzy state of mind post-nap, I somehow managed to find my treadmill and *gulp* managed to crank out 8 miles at an 8:34 pace. This was no easy task: my head was foggy, I was hungry (but knew I couldn't eat before that long of a run), my legs are very tight after leg weights yesterday and I'll be honest and just say outright that I hate the treadmill. I plopped my iPod on, cranked up the soundwaves 10 octaves higher than is considered "safe" and I watched (not listened) to mindless t.v. And then, to put icing on the proverbial cake and to I'm certain my friend Shari's (one and the same honorable nominee in yesterday's blog) delight, I watched an entire episode of 'The Office' without my headphone blaring a little ABBA in my ears. Yes, it was funny (but I'm not sure I have an Office addiction - thankfully) and it certainly helped pass a half hour of treadmill boredom!!

I look forward to tomorrow's day off running (it's book club day...I have net to read an entire book with this club I managed to worm myself into! I wonder how long until I am fired from this one like I was from my last! Sorry guys. I have good intentions just not enough time! I do enjoy the food and wine, though....and of course your good company!).

I still think I have a cold...and my tumor is floating around inside, landing today at my neck! Err.

8 Miles run

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