Monday, February 23, 2009

Speed and Agility, ME?

Do our bodies naturally know it's Monday by sending our brain some sort of signals that tells us to be sluggish all day because you know you have a long week ahead? I'm not sure but I felt the Monday blahs. I think, in reality, it's because I have 5 full weeks of school .. solid in no days off...until spring break! Dennis asked me, "How will you survive?" I'm not sure but somehow I'll grin and bare it :). Anyway, I feel the beginning of the end of the year starting to approach and when it starts, it slams me so quickly in the face that I don't even have time to come up for air. I feel's starting and I know I will be suffocating, as usual, as soon as spring break is over. Especially since Abbey is graduating. BTW, she survived her freshman retreat but she was so overly exhausted that she didn't even go to school today. Hum, I must becoming lax in my old age or it may be that it's her senior year and I'm no longer as worried about her grades? When she came downstairs and announced she didn't feel good, I didn't even bat an eyelash when I said: then don't go to school. She didn't even question my sanity but instantly got a smile on her face then hesitated for a brief minute because, after all, she WAS having a good hair day and hated to waste it by being home all day. Home won over hair. I wonder if I am running a fever!!!

Met Rob for some weight training. Everything new. New and me aren't the best of friends: it takes me awhile to learn and I spend way too much time thinking. My friend, Kathy Toole, should have been there video taping, she's always posting the best 'funniest moments' videos on facebook and I'm sure I would be right up there in rankings! Reverse woodchops? Please, my left arm would not move. Hanging abs? They cut the circulation off my arm pits. Not sure if arm pits have circulation but if so, mine no longer do! My skin was turning bright red. The funniest thing, by far, had to be me doing some ladder thingys for speed and agility where I had to run in and out of this ladder. Sideways, double steps, triple, zig zag? I can't recall. I am not coordinated. I tried Salsa class once, much to my protest, as my friend pulled me off a weight machine and drug me to class with her. It wasn't pretty; somehow I managed to find myself in the complete opposite direction going one way while everyone else was going another; my running shoes constantly squeaking on the floor. I laughed so hard I almost cracked a rib! These drills sort of reminded me of that class. I did a lot of counting and praying my foot would not land on the white ladder. Rob insisted I do them faster. Huh? Faster and concentrating do not play well together. I tried, but I realized that I need to do these things numerous times, like a football player makes a play over and over until he knows it inside and out and it becomes second nature, before I can "do them" without thinking about them.

I think that this is my problem in the marathon and racing in general: I spend way too much time thinking and not enough time just doing. The one time I didn't overly think about running while running was in St. George. And it landed me in Boston. I hope I can get my mind back there again... it's not that simple as uttering the mere words but man, it's a sweet place to be!!!!

btw, the picture isn't me. Ha

Weight training: 1

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