Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...I smell! I mean, I really smell yucky. Today was intervals - hard and long. That equates to sweat! I went over to the gym because, in addition to intervals, I also had some weight training. The entire workout today lasted just a tad over 2-hours. Egads. Who has time? Oh me, I guess, when I said to Rob, "No, I don't have a busy schedule this week." He took that comment to heart, I guess; I have a very busy workout week! I grabbed Brendan and we headed over to 24-hour (I love that place) and I got on the treadmill; there is nothing more distracting to the pain at hand than watching a tv planted 12" from your head set right in your treadmill with closed caption rolling as your iPod is blaring in your ears. Way fun! My hamstrings were REALLY tight from whatever weight training I did yesterday. Major ouch. I stretched after every 1200 but man, they were not loosening up at all. Calves a bit tight, too, but nothing like the ole hamies. My plan was to do 8x1200's at 7:20 AND a boatload of upper body weights. Um...bringing a 13-year old to the gym for an hour, max, is about all I'm going to get (I do applaud him for getting in an awesome workout!!!) so I stopped the treadmill after 5 of the 12's (figuring I'd catch the last 3 at home on my treadmill. I know, not how you run intervals...but sometimes modifications are a necessity and today was one) and did the weights. I fixed dinner, packed lunches for tomorrow, and the devoted soul I am, popped back on the treadmill for the final 3. But man, I smelled so bad from the workout earlier.... ick. No sense in a shower, still had more sweat to beat out of me. I thought my hams were going to scream by running again but they actually felt a lot better this round. Maybe that's my ticket: run hard for 45 minutes before every scheduled run so that your tighter-than-cello-string-hamstrings can feel better? I dunno. Time to hit the shower (yes!) and off to bed....I can't wait for my pillow!
9 miles run; 8x1200's at 7:19 (last one at 7:08)

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