Friday, February 20, 2009

Am I really considering bagging a race?

I do not feel well; I have a horrible head cold. I am seriously considering not running the race tomorrow but we'll see how I feel in the morning. I'll go to the race and watch my friends but I may not run. Ugh. I feel miserable. I will say, though, that all body parts that were finding ailments in my body this week ARE feeling much better (head, neck, back and knee. Okay, back is about 82% better...but I'll gladly take that over where it was) but I just feel blah overall. I could place blame on some (ahem!) that knew they were sick and breathed in my direction never-the-less, but I'll behave and not mention names of a certain trainer!!! Or certain household children!!! Maybe it was meant to be. At least it's not Boston!

My favorite boots have a hole in them so I have opted to fore go my book club (aka, I think I was fired :( ) tonight and do a bit of retail therapy by returning my boots and hopefully landing a new pair. Maybe I'll eat a few carbs....just in case I am feeling better tomorrow!

Happy Weekend

Zero training today.

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Dennis said...

You ran really well today. You shaved over 7 minutes off your time from January, That is incredible, especially since you were not feeling well the day before. I saw you finish and you looked very strong comming down the hill and across the finish line.

Congratulations on another PR.

It was a fun day, thanks for telling me about this race series, it is very sceneic and turned out to be a nice day.