Monday, February 16, 2009

Weights, Movies, and Martinis

It's late; I went to the movies with my dear friend, Marianne, and her husband. They are the sweetest people - thanks for letting me be that 3rd wheel tonight! I needed it. Badly. We went to see 'The Reader' - a very amazing movie. Very profound; the type of movie I used to drive all over the city to go see but have not done in awhile. I highly recommend it. Having no dinner beforehand, I indulged in way too much poporn at the movies and then, even worse(??) went over to the Elephant Bar and had the best (and I mean best) raspberry lemon martini. Yum. Prior to the highlight of my social calendar in probably months, I went and did some weights with Rob (he's back in town). I felt good pretty good going in but the weights were heavier tonight and ....uh....yeah, tough. But I think I hung in there (aside from the incline press...I have such weak arms). A few minutes on the treadmill at 7:30 pace and I was done.

A more moderate mileage week due to a 10-mile race on Saturday. I'm feeling pretty good physically...mentally, I seem to be not quite there.

I'm tired. Off to bed. Another day off work tomorrow....yes! I got some much-needed house cleaning done today...thank God! It needed it. (omg, the t.v. was on when I got home and as I sit [lie] here in my bed typing, there is an infomercial on for a body-shaper contraption that "instantly takes 20 lbs off you." Hum.... maybe that's ticket to my bodyfat! :)

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