Friday, February 13, 2009

Rest and Carbs Call for a Movie

Abbey and I are off to the movies.....I am going to truly miss her so much when she ventures off to college this fall *sigh* (hopefully she'll hear something soon!!!). I have a rest day today, YES! I am tired and I am sore so today's breather is probably much needed; though I feel a little restless, like I have missed some big event by not running or like my head hasn't been fully de-clutterd by pounding out a few miles. A mindless chick-flick movie should do the trick. And though my eating plan does not call for popcorn, I think Rob must have forgotten, in his Hawaiian-clogged mind, that carbs are a runner's best friend before a long run. Well, maybe not but that's the story I'm going to stick with when I indulge in a couple handfuls.

24 miler, here I come!

0 miles run
0 weight training
0 cross training

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