Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day to Rest

I woke up this morning and there was no way I was going to the pool. Amazingly, I'm not very sore but yet no matter how I feel, soreness or not; tiredness or not; I plain and simple need a day off. A day to rejuvenate my body. Maybe it's the afterglow of survival, I am not sure, but I'm glad to be done with that 26er. And I'm glad to have a day off.

Ryan and his group scored an honorable mention at today's World Affairs Challenge out of MANY groups there. Awesome R!!! We celebrated with some chili cheese fries at Spanky's (yum!) - so much for the 'sticking to my eating plan' part of Lent...but I viewed it as a celebration for Ryan and I doubted that half of a Tokyo Joe's chicken/rice bowl was going to be found on Spanky's menu. One must compromise sometimes: White Chicken rice bowl for Chili Cheese Fries. Yeah, that works (there is seriously something wrong with my hair today - egads!).

Abbey and I had a rather comical outing; as we usually do when we venture out on a quick trip somewhere together. My dorkiness shone in full-force. We went to Walgreen's so I could get some things I needed but we got sidetracked by trying on $2 sunglasses, reading glasses with 6" lens in each eye (she vaguely reminded me of my mother); a cocaine drug testing kit (Abbey dared me to get it and keep it on the kitchen counter for all to view when they came over. Oh my...)....but the icing on the humor cake had to do when I had stock-piled my arms with all sorts of crap and got to the checkout without my wallet. Earlier, I was registering for a marathon relay in May (today was the last day for the early-bird registration discount) and apparently left wallet my bed by my laptop. I laughed so hard; Abbey about died of embarrassment - and proclaimed she was never stepping foot in that store again (the woman behind me was in stitches). No worries. The nice young check-out man gladly (gladly???) put my stuff behind the counter and I returned 15 minutes later, wallet in hand, and paid for items (Abbey remained in the car, true to her word!). I won't even start about the adventure to Which Wich and Tokyo Joe's later (yes, I finally got it!)....other than if you've never been to Which Wich before, you're in for a treat, especially with a humor-minded 18-year old. Yeah, I'm a dork. But I have a lot of fun!

A quick side-note to keep in the running theme of the blog, tonight I was cleaning Ryan's fish tank (we're talking a whopping 2 gallon tank here with 2 rapidly growing goldfish) when we transferred the fish from tank to bowl and set the bowl on the kitchen counter. As I picked up the tank, the air tube was apparently underneath the bowl so as tank lifted, so did bowl; fish and water flying mid-air. One fish landed in my running shoe, along with half the water. I'll pray for it's survival (how could they NOT have a heart attack?) and think of him as I slosh in my running shoes tomorrow. How could I not! Maybe he'll be there to help carry me along to my salvation.

I'm heading to bed early tonight and going to run a local 5k over at Cherry Creek Reservoir. It's the end of a series of races and this one runs across the dam road; something that's appealed to me for years ... so it's time. Besides, I was asked to do so to help motivate some young runners. I'm not feeling 100% from yesterdays run, on a few different levels, but I'm excited to see how it goes!

Some days it's good to run, some days it's good to be a spectator.

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