Friday, February 6, 2009

Class day #1

I am brain-dead. Literally, I can't even think. I am really struggling with kinesiology: major muscle groups, their opposing muscles and their actions. I mean, seriously...there's a LOT of information! I went up to my instructor during a break, text and workbooks in tow, and had him explain some things to me. He told me that 95% of the class would find this section the hardest and all were struggling. That didn't really ease my mind but I felt a tad better when he said it wouldn't be on the practical part of the test so thankfully, I don't have to get up in front of 50 people and make a complete a$$ out of myself by not knowing anything. My instructor was a bit taken back when he knew I had a trainer and yet didn't know these muscles groups. He said, "I always explain what muscle is being worked and it's opposing muscle, you should be well advanced in the class by having a trainer telling you this with each exercise." Hum...nope, never heard that from my trainer before. But I'll be certain to fill him in.

I slept horrible last night; probably anxious over my class, but I got up early regardless and ran a nice 11 miles. It was a "Red Flag Warning" according to KBCO (isn't Red Flag warning indicative of beaches? Last I knew, Colorado was land-locked. But I may be wrong on both accounts: the red flag locale and that Colorado borders no major bodies of water. I'm too tired to remember) so a wee-bit windy running today. Gusts up to 50 mph.... just as bad as Dallas though today's shorter duration didn't seem so bad. Plus, I was just putzing along at a leisurely pace. Had some left knee pains today and dogged me ALL day at class. Wish I had ice for it at class, it was really agonizing at one point. Errr!

Good night....

11 miles run

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