Thursday, February 26, 2009

True To Word....

…. I tried not to think about the parachute drill training I was to do today…all day…but it was hard not to. I don’t know why I was so nervous about that (okay, yes I do...we don't need a 5-page phychoanalysis right now though). I seriously hoped Rob would have second thoughts, forget and/or it would be too windy (“No,” he claimed, “the high wind is beneficial for these drills….” Okay, lesson learned: pray for calm winds on parachute days). True to his word, I did 'em. I can’t say they were done with any sort of speed, let along agility; I was a wee bit too concerned about what I was suppose to do. Hum…didn’t I just have this little pep-talk with myself two days ago about "just doing it"? Well, this waist device was intimidating and trying to get it higher than 3" off the ground was proving rather humorous. We switched directions so I could run with a headwind and that helped sail the thingy up; I actually felt a little drag. I am certain the 10 minutes or less I spent fearing this tail behind me did anything worthwhile, but in time as I continue to do it, I will alleviate the anxiety of it and will do it with speed and.... grace! ???? I WILL master it....eventually! Some killer dog decided it wanted to leave the confines of it's secluded, private backyard and found itself a few feet away from us growling. Um...yeah, let's just stir a little MORE fear into my day. Good thing I wasn't driving over a bridge or getting on an airplane to get home; that'd be more anxiety than this mind could handle in one day!

My migrating body tumor has possbily landed in my feet by causing them a great deal of numbness in runs longer than a few miles and thus tingling in my feet afterwards. I also think this continuous tiredness is mono. Okay, maybe not... but man, I just can't seem to get over this tiredness!!! Off to bed to try to rev up for tomorrow's schedule change: 26 miles long run!!!
And for sure the picture is not of me, if only because I never got the thing that high off the ground :/

Weight training: 1
Ridiculous parachute training: 1


Dennis said...

Aw come on... We want a picture of Jill running with the parachute in the wind.

elaine said...

ditto that!

elaine said...

I really, really want to hear if you did the 26 miler. Hurry up. No "time" allowed.

Unknown said...

I believe the man took a pic of me and this ridiculous contraction. Egads..I could never put that on my blog!